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How To Clean And Prevent Puff Backs

Published by 911 Restoration New Orleans on December 15, 2022 in category: Blog
What’s a puff back? 
If an oil burner doesn’t ignite quickly, it can puff back. This causes fumes inside the furnace to build up. Soot vaporizes and is released from your home or business by the explosion in the burner chamber. It covers walls, baseboards,... 

Have Water In Your Air Ducts? Here’s What To Do

Published by 911 Restoration New Orleans on September 22, 2022 in category: Blog
You can make your air cleaner by keeping your AC system clean and free from water and debris. A few simple maintenance steps can help reduce the decay of your air vents. This will ensure everyone is safe and allow you to breathe cleaner, more healthy air. Air... 

Monthball Smell In Your House? What Caused It And To Remove The Smell

Published by 911 Restoration New Orleans on August 10, 2022 in category: Blog
If your house is older, it’s not uncommon to smell mothballs. Although it’s not something anyone wants, the smell can be very difficult to eliminate. Mothballs are the simple answer. Naphthalene is the chemical responsible for the mothball smell. Naphthalene is also found in tobacco smoke... 
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